PROJECT FOOTPRINTS - photo gallery

September 22, 2007. Project Footprints Green Walk in Valmiera- photo gallery
August 31 and September 1, 2007. Two clean-up operations for students- photo gallery
May 12, 2007. Family Day Beautification Event throughout Latvia- photo gallery
April 28, 2007. The Doma Square. Exhibition „People. The Environment. The City”
and campaign „One Billion Trees for the Planet”
- photo gallery
Joint works of the PROJECT FOOTPRINTS, spring 2007- photo gallery
PROJECT FOOTPRINTS campaign "Snowmen’s Meeting in Latvia"- photo gallery
PROJECT FOOTPRINTS - Events of season '2006- photo gallery
July 7-23, 2006
PROJECT FOOTPRINTS Cycling Marathon "The Path of Baron's and Peterson's"
- photo gallery
Joint work of the PROJECT FOOTPRINTS, spring 2006- photo gallery
December 3, 2005
The Final event of the PROJECT FOOTPRINTS in the small Skonto hall
- photo gallery
9-11 November 2005. 6th World Conference on Sport and Environment, Nairobi, Kenya
- photo gallery
7–20 July 2005. PROJECT FOOTPRINTS randonnee "Path of Krishjanis Barons"
- photo gallery
14 May 2005. The final joint work of the spring season in Mezhaparks - photo gallery
11 May 2005. Campaign – for a spruce Light Castle place! photo gallery
4 May 2005. Campaign 1=2. Planting of trees in forests of Zemgale- photo gallery
Closing event on 5 December, 2004 in the Olympic Skonto Hall - photo gallery
11th September 2004- Footprints opened their autumn season at a
garbage collection bee in Liepaja!
- photo gallery
28th – 30th August 2004.
Green bicycle race Saulkrasti - Ainazi - Lake Burtnieks-Valmiera
- photo gallery
July10-12, 2004. Velo tour “Footprints”- photo gallery
Waste-collection bee in Mangalsala photo gallery
Autumn waste-collection bees, 2003 photo gallery
Spring waste-collection bees in 2003 photo gallery
Waste-collection bees in 2002 photo gallery

Let`s keep Latvia clean!