Vita Jaunzeme - vita.jaunzeme@footprints.lv
Project Footprints leader
I am sure that all of us are a share of something enormous and this enormous is named Nature.
We should behave in compliance with the laws of nature and become as wisest as possible in order once the term a”human being” should not become the object of theoretic research in the historic and geological aspect.
I am able to do only what I can do. And this is not so much. But nonetheless it is more than nothing. Let us take care of our planet, as at present it is the sole place, where we and other are able to survive.
Ieva Freimane - ieva.freimane@pedas.lv
Project Footprints Valmiera
Zintis Haberkorns - zintis.haberkorns@pedas.lv
University of Latvia
I am an active person, like to get involved into various things. I can’t sit aside and gaze about! I must be involved into something. Now I am in Footprints to make Latvia more beautiful! Let’s make Latvia tidy! Having work well done there is always a feeling that you have done something good. Let everyone of us be full of energy to the overflowing!
Linda Kuikulite - linda.kuikulite@pedas.lv
Talsu State Gymnasium
I am a completely mad girl believing that this world might be changed to the better. I have a wide range of various interests, for example, debate, riding and theatre. I am very happy for a possibility to get involved into the Footprints Project, since I am a big optimist, I believe that once people will understand that we have to care after nature and we cannot demolish it. But meanwhile I hope to make it tidy at least. And why this cannot be small tracks to explain it to people?
Diâna Kalisuka - diana.kalisuka@pedas.lv
Riga Civil Engineering College
I am not like everybody else! I am completely different! I am active and cheerful! I am always looking for meaning of life and sometimes find it.
I am studying at Riga Civil Engineering College, but not to be a builder, but an architect! I have been singing at various choruses as long as for 11 years! I adore singing! I recommend to others to work singing then work will be done sooner and more productive!
Life logo „Regard everybody kindly and you will be regarded kindly too!”
So that’s me ….
Agnese Sturmane - agnese.sturmane@pedas.lv
Footprints in Jelgava
I am a smiling and attractive young lady, serious sometimes when necessary! I like dancing, snowboarding, taking pictures and being photographed and in general to have fun with friends. I can’t stand waste on streets, forests and in surroundings, that’s why I am in Jelgava large Footprint, to make something better in this town!
Valters Jeksevics - valters.jeksevics@pedas.lv
My horoscope tells about me – I am Aries.
I advise to you – trust your abilities! Even one individual can change the world! You are one of them!!!
University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Irina Pleva
- irina.pleva@footprints.lv
The Nature has been always important for me in my life. Since childhood with a deep interest and enthusiasm I like to discover and cognize the world around me. That facilitated me to understand how powerful and at the same time fragile, self- dependent and at the same time undefended is the Nature… While always staying a deep admirer of its Beauty, Perfection and intern Harmony I realize that the Nature has been many times the source for positive emotions in my life, and encouragement for my cheerfulness and optimism! Probably I believe that the Nature the same as human beings has a Soul that is alive... Therefore I can not look with indifferent attitude on the graduate degradation of our environment, the responsibility of what lies not only on worldwide development of infrastructure and urbanization, but also on every one of us… Therefore the voice of my heart encouraged me to invest a part of my love for environment protection. Participation in “Project Footprints” I see as a best place where I can realize that! And I believe that common enthusiasm and eagerness of “Footprints” will find responsiveness all around the world! We believe that due our common efforts and aspirations we will be able to make that world to be a better place for our future!!
Dana Spulle - dana.spulle@pedas.lv
I am a student of LU Geography and Land Sciences Faculty with a never-ending smile on my lips :) I am trying to charge myself as well as others with positive emotions with which to continue doing some good things as Footprints do , since we have only one planet and it is very, very dear! I think that everything that we do at Footprints is a substantial investment into our and all others' future, therefore we shall do it together! Let's go!!!
University of Latvia, Law Department
Katrîna Gatere - katrina.gatere@pedas.lv
Who am I? A friendly, responsible, green-thinking and World loving student of the University of Latvia Law Department. What am I doing here? I am looking for people who would help to tidy up, to put into order at last our common planet, which WE love very much! Why do I think that have come to the right place? I don’t think so, I just know it!!! And, finally, why do I like so much to be here? Because I like these people, their views and, the main thing, I like when I see that jointly we will really do it!!! Trust me – together we can do it!!! :)
Laura Putane - laura.putane@pedas.lv
Physics and Mathematics Faculty in the best years... But if seriously – I am trying to be and I am :) always smiling, optimistic and energetic girl, who knows and also does whatever she wants. I like very much dancing, singing – at Footprints also I cook :) – I am a multipurpose specialist :) Craziness unites us at Footprints, therefore I accept the most extraordinary ideas in full rapture! Let us all also in future succeed CRAZY GOOD DEEDS :)
Juma Kent - juma.kent@footprints.lv
Manager of Project Footprints, Kenya
I am a Kenyan Citizen and am very much more interested on Environments camps and programs after attending the IOC/UNEP Conference in Kenya 9-11th Nov 2005.
I want to join and help our Planet to be safe and loving through Environment and peace. I work and I am Sports Director for Kenya Sports Federation of the Deaf and Coordinator for Africa. Thank you very much and God bless you.
Yusuf Motha - yusuf.motha@footprints.lv
Manager of Project Footprints, Kenya
Hi everyone! I am peace loving Kenyan who is concerned about the environment as well as helping and creating awareness of its importance through sports and other activities that are. Let`s make the world a better place with "Footprints".
Good luck and God bless us all !!!!
Zanda Malniece - zanda.malniece@pedas.lv
I love to see the world beautiful around me. I love to wonder, I love the feeling of cold when it is hot and I love to feel the heat when it snows. I love the taste of the air in spring and I sometimes do like to feel someone's hand on my shoulder :) There are some things I do not like and that is why I try to live my life so that to change them. Sometimes it takes so little!
Arta Denina - arta.denina@pedas.lv
Hello, please, let me introduce you to myself - projects director, an enthusiast in-love-with this Planet. I participate in idea generation, I search for contacts and partners, I write projects (including EU projects) and carry out their management and implementation. I am in the Footprints because I want to search for opportunities and use them to make this Planet cleaner and more beautiful, and contribute to making a human being environmnetally more aware and friendly.
Latvian Police Academy
Edmunds Fogels - edmunds.fogels@pedas.lv
Hello, the nation! I am a very good guy, I have....... I really study at the Latvian Police Academy, I deal with different pretty little things, with the authorized and also prohibited ones. Project Footprints is a great opportunity for showing oneself on the “green” part, this is the awareness cultivated to you, if only cultivated by parents in the childhood... And Footprints revive this feeling of green.... super....
Riga Technical University (RTU)
Lauris Joksts - lauris.joksts@pedas.lv
I am a student of RTU Building Department, who tries to use his free time to advantage and as more rational as possible.
Hobbies: I am keen in dancing, singing and also in traveling so to see the world’s culture and to understand the current processes.
If you ask me of associations with Footprints – I’ll answer, "it is useful to spend time in open air, in a good company and besides to have satisfaction about the work contributed into the well-being of our planet."
Riga 45the Secondary School
Ronalds Sulcs
- ronalds.sulcs@pedas.lv
Unequivocally I am crazy... but that’s what peculiar about Footprints! I am loved and love – myself, people around, life and this small, green ball called the Earth! General laborer with absolutely abnormal and attractive ideas! The main assignment in Footprints – to coordinate school activists, and I do my best to fulfill the assignment! To sing of God, to dance, to take photos and to stir the porridge of life, sharing with people around, this is life, isn’t it?.....
That’s who I am!!!
Riga Technical University
Liga Stankevica - liga.stankevica@pedas.lv
"For me the Footprints is an opportunity to return back to my roots. At school my passion was biology and environment science. I like making life more interesting. I also like thinking. From time to time I am thinking which book I would take with me if I go to a deserted island. Such prospects do not tempt me but it is exciting to think about them, if I have nothing to do. I also enjoy watching and exploring the surroundings. In all the meanings in which one might understand this sentence. But these are not the only things I am doing."
Restaurant Service School
Janis Bajors
- janis.bajors@pedas.lv
Hi, all nature lovers! I am training at the moment at RSS (Restaurant Service School) in a specialty of catering service. My hobbies are karaoke and horse riding. My favorite animals are horses and dolphins.
Why am I in Footprints? I am in Footprints because I love the beautiful nature of Latvia.
Latvian Police academy
Maris Zviedris - maris.zviedris@pedas.lv
I am an active LPA student, who cares what's going on in the world:) I like traveling and bringing joy to people. I appreciate most of all in people - honesty. You notice people who smile, and I try to keep smiling even in the most difficult situations. I like most of all sunny colors, woods, and the deeper shade - the better. I think that I am outgoing, since I start talking to strangers at bus stops without any problems. Sometimes I become quite confused but it depends on a person :)
I am engaged at LPA Students Board. Usually people recognize me on streets after my clothes.
University of Latvia
Elina Kibermane - elina.kibermane@pedas.lv
"I study at the Faculty of Economics and Management and I am heading the Students Self-government, I participate in the Footprints , I am doing odd jobs. Sometimes I organise or help to organise various events. I like music and sometimes I play myself. I treat life positively and I am happy if I have things to do and normally I enjoy my work. Ieviòa Kohiòa, the previous coordinator of the Footprints at the University, involved me in the project and I want to thank her. I am continuing to be active in the Footprints as this is an opportunity for me to cooperate with all sorts of interesting and enthusiastic people and to be in nature's lap. It is a way to train myself for the future profession (management) and this strange combination – nature and a human being – provides me positive emotions and inspiration, as well as motivation to use time and apply my abilities in full."
University of Latvia, Faculty of Social Sciences
Agnese Kaupina
- agnese.kaupina@pedas.lv
My friends think I ‘m trustworthy. In the Pçdas (Footprints) Project I'll be involved in a positive form of terrorism as opposed to what's happening elsewhere in the world... we the people who think green are sort of good terrorists …while others may look upon us as being weird I think that on the contrary it's us who aren't weird … because we care about the future of our planet, our future …. We carry out acts of terrorism against garbage:)
Singing is my hobby. At this point I ‘m not involved in any choir but I'd love to … Still I sing wherever I am and at all times, if only I have company …
I believe that there is someone standing above humans … someone that determines what is going on in the world … and things are happening the way they should be.
Banking Institution of Higher Education
Maija Zandberga - maija.zandberga@pedas.lv
Hobby: dances. "Dancing occupies the most part of my free time as I am learning and I teach myself. Earlier I used to go in for sport but now my sport is the Footprints waste-collection bees. I joined the Footprints because I wanted to find out what it actually was. And they are really are cool, interesting and exciting!!! I like getting involved everywhere. I cannot sit out. I am also actively working in the Students Council of the Banking Institution of Higher Education ."
University of Latvia , the Faculty of Social Sciences
Evija Grinmane - evija.grinmane@pedas.lv
Hobbies: equestrian sport, Oriental philosophy and culture. "I adore horses, blue colour and hyacinths. I like odd people. I hate cigarettes and their smoke. I have never understood people who say that they have no hobbies. I have so many interests that 48 hours a day are not enough to manage everything. As far as I can remember myself the problem of environment pollution has always worried me. That's why I am here. Because I love my Planet."
Latvian Academy of Culture
Elina Pinta - elina.pinta@pedas.lv
Hobby: drawing. About myself: "I can't complain about the lack of energy, except, perhaps, late at nights. Apart from photos, I am also smiling in real life. The most joy I get from leisure activities together with friends. Also, I love sitting in the New Riga Theatre or cinema and wait for the performance/movie to start. In the case of "Amelia" I enjoyed the movie itself. My type of reading material is the journal "Rîgas Laiks" and editions writing about culture."
Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy
Sanda Purvina - sanda.purvina@pedas.lv
Sanda about herself: "I am a pleasant, smiling, frizzy brunette, who has no patience to sit still. Speaking seriously, I would give away a half of kingdom if I could just lie down and sleep in the green grass and film the passing clouds.. :))
As an Aquarius, I really enjoy water, tea drinking with my friends, seeing the world and eating wild strawberries with milk."
Latvian Academy of Culture, ex-student
Liene Folmane - liene.folmane@pedas.lv
"I adore the sea and the stars, I read wise books, I like active relaxation, travelling, good movies and music. About myself: I am trying to live in harmony with myself, my wishes, without doing harm to others. I cherish my family and friends, as these persons will always be my treasures. I often get myself in a mess and unusual situations. I am fighting for my rights myself as I don't want to depend upon someone. If there are any problems, I am comforting myself that the heaven above knows how strong I am and gives a burden that a person is able to carry. I am crazy about marmalade ice-cream, fruit and meat dishes."
University of Latvia
Ieva Koha - ieva.koha@pedas.lv
Hobby: floral design. About herself: "I am a realistic romanticist… An interesting combination, but it puts all things into a balance. I am constantly balancing between the real and the imagined world and I avoid irreversibly falling into one or another extreme! One of my positive traits is sociability – I have no problems to start a conversation with a stranger in a bus stop. I am constantly smiling (almost!), people around me are waiting when cramps would win my jaw, but I believe that it is much nicer to communicate with an open and smiling person rather than a grumbler who is unsatisfied with life. I am frank, perhaps that is the reason why I dislike lying and double-faced people! Flowers bring me unspeakable joy. I am simply living the life – I drift along the flow and enjoy new adventures! The main thing – I believe that everything that happens is for better!"
Latvian Academy of Police
Ingus Vitolins- ingus.vitolins@pedas.lv
Hobbies: singing, dancing, sports, everything related to the environment. And, of course, cooking. Ingus about himself: "I am the Chairman of the Students Council of the Latvian Academy of Police, I am protecting the students' interests. I am singing in the Academy's men's choir "Justus" and I am its chair. I am a real policeman and alongside I am studying law. My goal is to achieve that all Latvian policemen and policewomen are sportive and erudite. My favourite food is ice-cream. I am convinced that all the experienced things have led us to better ones."
Latvian Academy of Sports Education
Valters Strangats - valters.strangats@pedas.lv
Hobbies: sex, sports and rock-and-roll. Valters about himself: "I am a person who is hoping for responsiveness, understanding and support from people surrounding us, particularly within the framework of the Project Footprints. I am dreaming how yours and mine children will live in a clean and tidied environment. I like to be in the middle of all processes. My favourite food: everything that does not move and does not stink. And I advise everyone: "Come and join us. Together we can work much better!"

Let's save our Planet !